Adam Huska

Aaron Vickers

Huska is big and mobile in net. He displays agility with smooth, quick feet that allow him to track shots and get set in goal. He competes hard, and uses his stick actively to break up plays around the net. Huska displays good vision through traffic and the ability to handle shots to his body. His rebound-control on lower shots can use some work. We love Huska’s size and how athletic he is with his large frame. Has great hands and it is impressive how he holds them in his stance: always out in front. Tracks the puck off a shot all the way to his blocker and glove. He is a strong, powerful skater and generates lots of power from his inside edges. But that power can have its downfall as Huska finds himself out of position a lot, scrambling to get back. He struggles finding his post when he pushes, which leaves him outside his crease or exposing the far side to the shot. With his natural size advantage, he needs to play in the paint more, simplifying his game. When he starts to feel he is out of position, he begins to panic and goes into scramble mode. Huska is an aggressive goalie, but he needs to pick his spots better, assessing the passing options better before shooting out to the top of the paint. He plays the puck well and usually makes good decisions with the puck when he plays it. He is another long-term goalie project that this draft seems chock full of but does have some intriguing upside for an NHL team that can show the patience to develop his game. (May 2015)