Adam Gaudette

Aaron Vickers

Gaudette is a real good two-way player who plays a complete game. He’s got good size and uses that to his advantage both in the offensive zone and the defensive zone. He never takes a shift off and we love his competitive mindset. He really takes accountability for his turnovers and does not stop competing and working until he makes up for them. He is very defensively aware, knowing where the opposing team is at all times and what they could do with the puck. It makes him very dangerous in the puck pursuit game and anticipating the play in all three zones. Despite being defensively oriented, it does not come at an expense to his offense. He has great hands and can make the fancy dangles when he wants to. He is also able to really turn on the jets when it is to his advantage, even showing the ability to turn on a dime at full speed. His strength on his feet is another thing, though, as he can be knocked around as little bit. He is strong at the dot, winning the majority of his face-offs. He absolutely needs to add some muscle to his frame. He may be the ashiest guy on the ice; he may not have the best offensive creativity, but he makes up for it with his dogged determination and persistent pursuit of the puck. There is not much to dislike about his game and his style of play fits the NHL mold pretty well. (May 2015)