Adam Fox

Aaron Vickers

Fox is an average-size defenseman who is confident in joining the rush, and will get pucks on net from anywhere in the offensive zone. His point wrist shot is quick and accurate. He displays efficient puck control in transition, and often shows his impressive top-end speed while joining the rush. He was arguably the best defenseman on the U18 squad this year. Fox is very confident with the puck and displays great patience. He doesn’t panic at the offensive zone blueline when he is pressured by forwards and keeps his poise, making smart decisions. He was an important part of the power play this season with his calm play and good set-up ability. Fox wants the puck on his stick and likes to start the rush through the middle, where he can dance through forecheckers while displaying a good combination of puckhandling skill, elusiveness and speed. He reads the ice very well while skating with the puck, which leads to strong, accurate puck distribution. His teammates need to be constantly aware when he has the puck because he can find players through lanes no one thought were open. Fox often joins the rush as a trailer player and looks for a pass to get a shot on net, using impressive top-end speed. Defensively, he can also look paralyzed and indecisive. He uses his active stick and tries to be in lanes in his own zone. He also needs to add strength and size as he can be bullied along the wall. This offensive-defenseman will not have any issues transitioning into the college level and the professional game.   (May 2016)