Adam Erne

Darren Walker

Erne is a swift skating power winger that has some lateral agility but plays a primarily north- south game. The praise for his skating isn’t for blazing breakaway speed but for his ability to twist and turn his way out of a corner. His quick movement allows him to shake off defenders easily and crash the goal unobstructed. He plays with a sandpaper quality to his game; finishes his checks, takes the body, gives opponents the business with his stick. Erne could be a greater physical presence without the puck; can be a menace on the fore check with his combo of size/skating. He shows good instincts in terms of where to go and where to be for a scoring chance. He’s at his best when he takes the puck to the net and does a good job of getting open for a shot opportunity. Erne is always moving, for better or for worse; never really seems to get caught at-footed when a play starts to happen. He does a good job protecting the puck when he has it; will stick out the leg as he cuts in toward the net and shows some lateral quickness along the boards. Always aware, Erne covers for pinching/rushing defensemen, if he isn’t involved with the rush. He isn’t a pushover and plays a game filled with strength and power. He’ll overpower any defenders who attempt to stop him, but doesn’t’ initiate it but is not an overly aggressive body checker. Hard to stop once he decides he is taking the puck to the net. (May 2013)