Adam Brooks

Aaron Vickers

Brooks is a smaller forward who took huge strides forward as a ‘96 this year. He has great offensive smarts, and the hands and vision to exploit opportunities. He gets to the right spots in the offensive zone for both shooting opportunities as well as to take the pressure off his teammates by making himself available for a pass. He’s not a flashy guy, but more of the calm, calculated offensive force. Brooks is blessed with high-end vision and the ability to fit pucks through the smallest of lanes. He uses his quick feet in tandem with his quick hands to explode through the tightest of lanes and generate separation to make a play. He will go into the gritty traffic areas, but is by no means a rough and tough player. Brooks is not a guy who just gives effort in the offensive zone as he has developed his defensive awareness over the past couple seasons. He is a player we have liked in the last two years, despite him struggling to stay in Regina’s top nine. But after being given a top-line role, he has really picked up his scoring. He was the WHL’s leading scorer and he plays a relentless two-way game. If he was a little bit bigger, we would have no doubts about him going inside the top three rounds, but for now, he is a later project guy.   (May 2016)