Aaron Haydon

Darren Walker

Haydon is great skater; he is very mobile and it is difficult for opponents to knock him over. He has top-end speed when he gets going, but his first step lacks a quick burst. Haydon possesses good puck skills, being able to deke around defenders and control the puck very well. He looks to get the puck out of his zone as quickly as possible and looks for the long-range breakout pass. Haydon sees lanes well, but the accuracy of his passes needs a little fine-tuning. He accepts passes with ease and distributes the puck to his defensive partner effortlessly. Haydon has a powerful slap shot. He gets pucks to the net and he joins the rush whenever he sees t. He has a nose for the dirty areas; he enters the corners and engages in physical play in an attempt to knock the puck loose. He crushes opponents with his checks, is always looking to play physically and enjoys success because of it. Haydon is very willing to drop the gloves, trying to throw off opponents by getting into altercations. He plays on the edge. Defensively, he plays very physically and takes his check every time, but too often he drags himself out of position and gets caught running around in his own end. Haydon makes good decisions with the puck and is extremely competitive. He is inconsistent, however, and needs to work on being more reliable when he is on the ice. (May 2014)