November’s rankings by the numbers

Christian RoatisUncategorized

The month of November has arrived and so too has Future Considerations’ November ranking for the 2014 NHL Draft.

Like every month, some draft eligibles rose and some fell, and to take a closer look at how the Top 30 rankings look this month, we took a ‘By The Numbers’ approach to see which nationalities, positions and leagues were represented the most.


Much like October, Canada led the pack with 14 of the 30 prospects, including the top three and nine of the first 11 players. Canadian players were actually more represented in October when 15 projected first rounders were from Canada.

Six American players make up the second largest contingent while Sweden lands third with three skaters ranked. Russia and Finland are both represented by two players while Denmark and Germany have only one representative.


It’s all Ontario Hockey League early as the league sees 10 of it’s players enlisted in the Top-30 this month, while the Western Hockey League is also strongly represented with seven skaters. Six players are ranked that play in international leagues as well.

There are four United States Hockey League players along with two Quebec Major Junior Hockey League skaters and an NCAA goaltender round out the top 30.


Need a center? How about a defenseman?

Both positions lead the pack at eight each. The left and right wingers come close after at seven and six respectively. Only one goaltender is ranked within the top-30 in November.