Frk’s concussion has season on hold

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Being the third overall pick in the CHL Import Draft yields high expectations.

Cam Russell thought highly of Czech Martin Frk, and was even surprised to see him available after two picks in the 2010 selection process.

But in Frk’s first season with the Halifax Mooseheads, albeit productive, the Mooseheads brass knew there was still some untapped potential hidden in the six-foot, 198-pounder’s game. This season will be the ultimate test for Frk; however, it will need to be put on hold as he is recovering from a concussion.

After amassing a mere 20 wins last year, Halifax’s hopes are through the roof having acquired 15-year-old wunderkind Nathan Mackinnon. Assuming Frk can get back to peak physical form, his point totals should drastically increase if he plays with the likes of Mackinnon and fellow 2012 draft hopeful Luca Ciampini.

“Halifax has a stacked top line with MacKinnon and Ciampini so he should put up huge numbers if he recovers from the concussion,” said Future Considerations’ QMJHL-based scout Jason MacIsaac.

But it’s not a lock.

“Frk is an enigma,” MacIsaac added. “His consistency is poor, he shows up some nights and others he doesn’t.”

Those are not necessarily high remarks for such a highly touted prospect, but Frk has all season to flip the script on the naysayers.

One of the best offensive prospects heading into the CHL season, Frk’s play is not prototypical of a 6-foot European forward. He plays bigger than his stature with remarkable ability to protect the puck, play along the boards/corners, and showing his physical presence on the ice.

“He plays a fairly chippy game for an offensive player,” MacIsaac noted.

Now he just needs to get healthy, back on the ice and show scouts like MacIsaac that offensive flair.

Otherwise it could be out-of-sight, out-of-mind for Frk.

Article by Shawn Reznik.

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