FC’s 2013 ‘Season Pass’ Now Available

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Future Considerations is ready to break into the hockey season with our ‘2013 Draft Season Pass’!

The National Hockey League season may stop, but FC wont! Don’t let the looming lockout get you down and discover what over 40 per cent of FC’s subscribers already have. Become schooled in what the 2013 NHL Draft has to offer.

FC’s Season Pass consists of our ‘Introduction to the 2013 NHL Draft’, our ‘2013 Draft Midterm’ and our major release, the ‘2013 NHL Draft Guide’ – all in digital format!

The ‘Introduction’, released in the first week of November, gives you the essentials of the 2013 Draft with a ranking of the top-100 prospects eligible in 2013, as well as an in-depth look at the draft’s top-30 prospects, profiles on players to keep an eye on, as well as an introductory article from Dan Stewart, FC’s scouting director. The ‘Introduction’ also features an initial look at the 2014 NHL Draft and much more.

The ‘Midterm’, released in the second week of February, updates our top-100 ranking and shows you which prospects are trending upwards, whose draft stock is taking a tumble and particular players to keep an eye on. The ‘Midterm’ also updates FC’s initial look at the 2014 NHL Draft and much more.

FC’s flagship, our annual ‘NHL Draft Guide’ expands our ranking to a top-200, gives you over 125 detailed scouting reports and top sleepers. The draft’s top sleepers, overagers and our always highly anticipated 2013 NHL Draft mock are also included in The Guide. As always, subscribers will also get an extensive and exclusive look at what tomorrow brings, with an in-depth look at the 2014 NHL Entry Draft,  a preview of what 2015 has to offer and much, much more.

The trio of releases come at a savings of almost 20%! Discover the 2013 NHL Draft and pick up your ‘2013 Season Pass’ today!


Get FC’s 2013 Season Pass today!

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