Over/Under: Crowd split on Biggs

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Over/Under is a daily feature on Future Considerations leading up to the 2011 NHL Entry Draft. Managing editor Aaron Vickers polls his Twitter followers on if a prospect will go before or after a particular pick. Follow Aaron at @VickersFC to participate!”

Much like the scouting community, Twitter can’t get a handle on Tyler Biggs.

The social media outlet was decidedly split on the decision to take the Cincinnati, OH native before or after 22nd overall in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, where Future Considerations has him ranked.

“Throughout the year I never looked any rankings or heard anything as to me dropping,” Biggs said.

Biggs debuted on FC’s chart in November at 33. By January, the NTDP member skated his way into the first round. At his peak in early spring, Biggs slotted in at 16 before eventually settling into the 22nd position after what was an inconsistent effort at the World Under-18 Championship in Germany.

“Over in Germany I was just focused on my game and what we had ahead of us,” he said. “Going into the tournament my sole focus was to win and that was it.”

At times this season, Biggs has looked like he could develop into a premier powerforward. In other viewings, Biggs has projected to a third liner at best. This inconsistency has many flopping over the future of the six-foot-two, 210-pounder.

“He’s a Burke type player though,” @firstroundbust tweeted. “I say 29 or 39.”

@RossyYoungblood disagreed.

“There will be one team that needs his size and skillset on the wing,” he tweeted.

Which of the two are right will be revealed on June 24th.

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